The school garden is the outdoor classroom where children learn by doing and can actually see the results of their efforts. Working in the garden is experimenting - Students become scientists, engineers, problem-solvers. Young farmers are empowered because their curiosities, observations and conclusions are synthesized as they are left with lasting impressions from their experiences. When digging in the soil, they see for themselves that it is alive. When planting a seed and nurturing it they learn that they have the power to cultivate life. And when transplanting into the garden, they actually manage to grow real food with nutritional benefits. The students take pride in team work and the effectiveness of their hands. They love to eat what they grow and become inspiring ambassadors of healthy eating for their peers and parents.


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We are ecstatic to work with Valencia Park Elementary School students to cultivate health and life benefits in Southeast San Diego which is considered a "food desert". Each student chooses to become either a farmhand or a chef. When we grow food with the children on campus, we unleash the potential to develop enough bounty to share. When they harvest and prepare it and eat it, they are proud and become enthusiastic "real food" neighborhood ambassadors. We all stand to benefit when no one is under-nourished, under-educated, or socially disconnected. It takes a village of people of all ages to form a healthy community.





If your school has a garden, or space for a garden, sign up here to get involved!

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