Seed Saving!


Amaranth is a nutrient dense spinach that has been cultivated here in North America for the last 8000 years.  The Aztecs and other Native Americans considered it a religious food and used it in ceremonies. Most of us are more familiar with kale, collards and chard.  But these greens that are not native to the area and therefore highly susceptible to devastating bugs like the more recent infestation of bagratta this time of year. Amaranth is essentially as nutritious as a multivitamin, and it can be used as a substitute for spinach in virtually any dish.  Get this!  It is also a grain in the quinoa family.  Quinoa is a complete protein. 

This time of year we enjoy seed saving from mature amaranth plants for next year's cultivation.  Enjoy this short video of us doing so with our friends from the New Roots Community Garden in City Heights and please let us know how you used the amaranth you received in Saturday's package by sending us a quick comment here.

We are extracting seeds from this African blue basil we grew in this lovely home garden in La Jolla - thanks to Farmer Dan and Gracious Neighbor Maureen.