Loma Portal Garden Club


Come play in the dirt and be a Loma Portal Farmer. There’s so much life to discover in the garden, and food always tastes better when you grow it yourself. So come learn about the circle of life. You will harvest vegetables for yourselves and your school cafeteria so your friends and family can enjoy it too! Reserve you space early - this club is sure to fill fast!

Loma Portal Elementary has a wonderful outdoor space for children to learn about the circle of life through rain water harvesting, planting, and pollination.  The outdoor classroom is equipped with rain tanks, raised bed planters and a well planned butterfly garden.  It is our joy to consolidate the students knowledge with hands-on exploration with our lesson plans and activities.  All ages are welcome as older children are given the opportunity to assist the younger ones.  Our goal is to teach leadership and bring to life the concept of the garden as a place where natural and social organisms thrive.


Thursdays 12:45 – 2:00

All Grades Welcome

April 27 – Jun 8

Support The Garden By Ordering a Harvest Share

A portion of the proceeds will go back to the school!