Miramar Ranch Garden Club Fall 2016


Miramar Ranch Elementary Garden

 $100 - 9 Weeks

Grades 1st – 5th

Club starts April 13
12:30 – 2pm

Come spend time in the garden and learn how to grow your own food. There's so much life to discover as you observe birds, bees, bugs and more. Everything has its special purpose in the garden. You will grow too as you work together with friends to create bounty and have fun learning, playing and making home-grown snacks!

Enrollment is now offered as a weekly or monthly auto-billed subscription for flexibility and to eliminate the need for on-going participants to re-enroll. Cancellation must be initiated by the responsible payor.  Requests for cancellation will be accepted by email to goodneighborgardens@gmail.com.  There will be no refunds for missed club dates unless a cancellation request is received 48 hours in advance.

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