In order for your "little farmer" to be best prepared for club, we need to know the following:

Name *
Child's Name
Grade Level, Teacher's Name and Classroom Number if pick-up and escort is necessary
Are there any physical limitations we should be aware of?
For the benefit of the group, if your child should temporarily lose focus, what is the best approach you use at home to bring back their attention?
Restroom Accompaniment *
We will attempt to have a parent volunteer to accompany Sommer Thyme, the lead instructor at each session. However, if she should be alone with the children, do you give permission for your child to go to the restroom unaccompanied or with a buddy?
Please provide your best contact number and the name of any individual other than yourself that you give permission to pick your child up after club.
Food Allergies *
Does your child have any food allergies?
If so, what?
Release Information *
Do you give permission for photos of your child to be posted on the school website, Facebook, Shutterfly, newletter or Good Neighbor Gardens Facebook or newsletter?