October 19, 2015


Gracious Neighbor, Nancy, proudly presents her harvest. This week's carrots and eggplant come from her warm season crops. With two 4x10x18 boxes and two half wine barrels, her garden is relatively small proving you don't need a large space to grow food at your home. 

Nancy has arranged a fall planting party in celebration of her 2nd season with The Neighborhood to refresh her garden, inviting girlfriends to grow their own food. Our talented farm hands will teach her attendees how to refresh her boxes and walk them though a step by step tutorial on vegetable gardening.

Interested in throwing a planting party of your own?  Email us atgoodneighborgardens@gmial.com for information!


Torie, Nancy's daughter, has teamed up with Good Neighbor Gardens to help ensure customers, farmers, and families know how to utilize their local, seasonal, and organic fresh ingredients in their CSA box. Her customized recipes are a great resource for learning how to cook with our produce. Trust us when we say she's a pro.  With an education in both nutrition and agriculture, Torie has helped to run an organic farm, worked at a farm-to-table cooking school in Mexico, is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, studied natural medicine and metabolics. We're happy to have Torie on board as part of the Neighborhood!


We've selected 2 recipes from her blog http://www.skinnyfatkids.com to share with you this week! 


1. Sweet Potato Quiche - You can substitute the Japanese Yams in your delivery package for this recipe

Click on this link to set up nutrition consultations, cooking classes or sign up for wellness workshops with Torie.  http://www.skinnyfatkids.com/connect/