Terms & Conditions Pledge

  • I understand that by enrolling in this CSA, I am committing to receive a seasonal share of the harvest from local home-based gardens and neighborhood trees for designated number of weeks during the month: weekly or bi-weekly. Non-seasonal items will not be distributed. 

  • I understand that my subscription is pre-paid and automatically renewable each month.  If I am enrolling through PayPal, my subscription bank account will be debited on the same day each month unless I give notice no later than 7 days prior that I wish to cancel.  If I am enrolling manually with a check, I understand that I will be paying for a minimum of two CSA shares and will be billed prior to the end of my subscription month for renewal.

  • If I purchased a two-basket trial, my payment is complete and will not automatically renew and my method of payment will not be subsequently charged unless I re-enroll in one of the monthly-renewable subscription options.

  • If I purchased a two-basket trial, my 2 deliveries will be bi-weekly.

  • I understand that there are no refunds. 

  • I understand that if I am assigned a pick-up location, I am responsible for picking up my own package.  If I fail to do so within the specified time interval allotted for my pick-up location, I must make pre-arrangements for my package to be retrieved by a delegate or the contents will be donated.

  • I understand that if I am purchasing the CSA share for someone else, myself or that individual must pick-up the package and must do so within the time allotted for my specific pick up location.

  • I understand that I will be notified of any distribution cancellations prior to my pick-up time.  I understand that I will have the option to “bank” or gift my pre-paid cancelled delivery and I will notify Good Neighbor Gardens of my decision in writing.  I understand that if I do not receive a delivery cancellation notice (like around holidays), distribution will be as usual. 

  • I understand that Good Neighbor Gardens nor the host distribution site is responsible for any undelivered produce occurring from natural disasters, catastrophes or uncontrollable events.

  • I understand that I will be assigned a pick-up location nearest me.  Good Neighbor Gardens is continuously adding new pick-up points, so if I’d like a change, chances are there may be an alternative in my area.  I just have to ask.  For those areas that we have yet to establish pick-up locations, we will deliver to your door.  A small fee for delivery outside the metro area may be requested.

  • I understand that if I am receiving CSA home delivery, the driver will arrive within the pre-arranged time slot and knock on my door to announce his arrival.  If I do not answer or I’m not at home, the driver will leave the package in the closest shady spot nearest my front door unless I notify otherwise.  Once the driver leaves the package, neither the driver nor Good Neighbor Gardens is responsible for the produce.

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to provide Good Neighbor Gardens with any special gate codes or access instructions to my home if it is guarded or secured.  I must give my permission to leave my package with a door man or concierge.  I understand that if I leave town or am not available to receive my package on any distribution day, it is my responsibility to make arrangements to “bank” it for a future date or have someone else receive it.  Once it is pre-paid, there are no refunds.


You will be assigned a pick-up location

Call or text:     Mia @ (858)375-6121

Email:              mia@goodneighborgardens.com