We farm yards and schools in San Diego homes to deliver organic, locally grown, pesticide-free produce through a CSA model. Our space-efficient, eco-friendly and community minded operation is one from which everyone stands to benefit.


Our goal is to create a community of neighbors sharing their resources to ensure that everyone has access to the healthiest, freshest food at an affordable price. We want to teach the benefits of eating seasonally, promote an alternative way of feeding our families and expose you to new and beautiful vegetables. 



Mia was raised by a growing and foraging family. She picked wild berries and asparagus with her mother as a child.  This shared pastime served as a strong foundation for their close relationship.

Her daughter was born with digestive health challenges, and with this struggle that brought Mia’s family to switch to a clean holistic diet, her entire household became aware of the benefits of eating home grown foods.

In 1987 Mia started an organic food cart at UCSD supporting local organic farmers.  There was just a handful at the time, but she was one of the early pioneers who taught students the importance of eating "organic" at a time when the word was not yet in most people's consciousness.

“I think we are living in a socially disconnected and health starved community. Food can bring us together.  It has always been the life-giving, unifying force and food tastes better when shared.  It's the common denominator by which we can work together, side by side to regenerate ourselves and our community".




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